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Home Energy Savings

Using energy wisely does not mean sacrificing. There are many new technologies available to consumers that don't require lifestyle changes at all. These technologies are now available to you through the HES Program.

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Save Money

Save Money on Energy at Home

In today’s world, saving energy translates into saving money. Typical savings for the consumer who participates in the Home Energy Solutions Program (HES) are $150 - $250 per year or more. All for a $99.00 co-pay, or less.

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Go Green

Go Green with your Home Energy Audit

People today are concerned with their carbon footprint and the world we’ll be leaving our children and grandchildren. Using the HES Program is one of the easiest steps we can take to make the planet a better place to live. CRI offers additional resources to help you go green.

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Blower Door Testing

Many air leaks and drafts are easy to find because they are easy to feel — like those around windows and doors.

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Duct Blasting & Sealing Duct Leaks

Reducing the loss of heated air through your ducts will cut your heating costs. If you have central air conditioning, sealing your ducts will also save you money...

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Energy Efficient Bulbs

According to the Department of Energy, on average, we spend eight to 12 percent of our electric bill on lighting for our homes. As a nation, those costs average...

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Wall & Ceiling Insulation

Insulation is applied to areas that separate conditioned spaces – heated or cooled – from non-conditioned spaces.

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Water, Energy Savings Measures

After space heating and cooling, heating water is the third largest expense in your home. It typically accounts for about 12 percent of your utility expenses.

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Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances that are more than 10 years old cost more to operate than newer, energy-efficient appliances. The more efficient an appliance, the less you will pay...

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CRI in the NewsCRI in the News

Fairfield Sun: Save money and energy while helping Operation Fuel
Friday March 13, 2015 @ 11:24 am
Published March 11, 2015 in the Fairfield Sun Competitive Resources Inc. (CRI) of Wallingford will make a donation to Operation Fuel each time a customer of Eversource Energy (formerly CL&P) or...» Read More Home energy assessments to help Operation Fuel
Friday March 13, 2015 @ 10:26 am
Published March 11. 2015 4:00AM on Competitive Resources of Wallingford will make a donation to Operation Fuel each time a customer of Eversource Energy (formerly CL&P) or United Il...» Read More
How We Got a Year Without Natural Gas Payments
Tuesday March 3, 2015 @ 10:18 pm
Home Energy Audit and Careful Winterizing Earned CRI Customer Year Free of Gas Utility Payments. My wife and I had heard about the Home Energy Solutionssm (HES) program and when we bought our first h...» Read More

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CRI Audio InterviewsCRI Audio Interviews

Airdate: October 26, 2010 on with Wayne Norman
Home energy assessment :: Click to hear the interview (8mb WMA)
Doug Cahill, Vice President of Competitive Resources and Craig A. Clark, Program Administrator, Conservation and Load Management for Northeast Utilities, discuss making homes more energy efficient and how to save money on your electric bill.
Energize Connecticut - programs that help you save money and use clean, affordable energy - is a partnership of the Energy Efficiency Fund, the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority and your local electric and gas utilities.
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