CRI’s Connecticut office is located in Wallingford and provides residential energy efficiency services to customers throughout the state. This includes comprehensive programs for electric, gas and municipal utility customers under the Home Energy Solutions, Home Energy Savers and HELPs programs (HELPs is for qualified, low-income customers). Services provided as part of the HES Program are…

Blower Door Analysis
Energy Efficient Bulbs
Duct Sealing
Water Measures
Heating and Cooling
Contractor Coordination

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CRI Technicians are certified and qualified to evaluate all your energy efficiency needs.  Our on-site analysis and installation service package allows you to immediately enjoy savings through the HES Program and evaluate whether or not additional improvements are warranted based on costs versus savings.  Regardless of what energy efficiency services are delivered by CRI, all of our work is done under strict quality assurance guidelines and subject to a thorough follow-up customer satisfaction and quality control inspection process.

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