Rebates and Tax Credits


As part of CRI’s Home Energy Solutions service, our technicians review your heating and cooling systems and insulation levels for possible upgrades. We also evaluate your largest energy-using appliances to see if upgrades can save money and reduce your environmental impact.

Through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF), there are sizeable rebates available to homeowners who participate in Home Energy Solutions. The offers may be subject to availability, but currently include incentives for:

  • Increased insulation for attics and walls
  • Purchase of ENERGY STAR Refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers and clothes washers
  • Installation of a high efficiency natural gas water heater
  • Installation of high efficiency split heat pumps

Rebates are an essential component to motivating homeowners to purchase ENERGY STAR appliances sooner rather than later. Manufactures also usually offer rebates to motivate customers all year long, so be sure to do your research before you start shopping.

Tax Credits

Connecticut residents should also look into other rebate or tax credits when buying or installing energy efficient products. Some helpful tips can be found at the following websites:

Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency Measures

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